April 7 2024 @ 11AM PDT – Xenia Concerts presents: An Adaptive Concert with Triology in VANCOUVER

pyatt hall 843 Seymour St., Vancouver, BC, Canada

Join Xenia Concerts at Pyatt Hall for a family-friendly Adaptive Concert that embraces and supports neurodiversity and disability! The jazz trio Triology, all faculty members at the VSO School of Music, have prepared a special hour-long concert program that welcomes and supports members of the neurodiversity and disability communities.

May 26 – Xenia Concerts Fundraiser & Gala

Society Clubhouse 967 College St, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

An annual gala event and fundraising campaign that raises funds for Xenia Concerts while strengthening commitment and a sense of community.

PRIVATE EVENT – July 10 – Michael Bridge & Diane Kolin at Safehaven

Safehaven 1173 Bloor St W, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Concert Description Xenia Concerts makes a private appearance at Safehaven with a family-friendly concert that embraces neurodiversity and disability! This collaboration between Xenia Concerts and Safehaven provides an inspiring musical experience …