Anthony Hodgetts

Anthony has a deep love of music and radio and regularly relaxes by exploring the sounds of his keyboard. As a regular in the music library at the University of Calgary’s local community radio station CJSW 90.0 FM, Anthony spends his spare time developing content for Bumping into Walls, a radio show dealing with blindness and vision impairment. Before that, Anthony contributed to a general Disability interest show called “Accessible Airwaves.” When he is not researching for his radio show, Anthony is involved with a community choir, a bowling league, and National accessArts programming. 

Anthony achieved his grade 5 piano, but stopped lessons when he was 13, and stopped playing piano in high school when his music teacher tried introducing him to brail without knowing how to teach it. For Anthony, his choice of music depends on his mood. He can appreciate something in everything but enjoys blues, world, and classical music, usually paying more to instrumentation rather than lyrics. 

As an advocate for Disability rights, Anthony was intrigued by sound.colLAB’s premise and wanted to see how it worked out. He had never heard of a similar program, and collaborating with an array of people from different backgrounds seemed like a creative and exciting approach. As a result, Anthony’s learned that you can make big sounds from the smallest of gestures, adding: “It was amazing to hear music in the everyday objects around me. The combination of the offerings, the emotional narratives, and translation into scores was a crazy journey to hear evolve.”