Mabe Kyle (they/them)

Mabe Kyle a white person with brown hair and brown eyes is smiling standing in front of a large fallen down tree with a light blue shirt with white suspenders, white bow tie, and trans pride colour earings. There is long brown grass and green trees in the background.

Mabe Kyle (they/them)
Expressive Arts Therapist in Training. Peer support worker in practice.

Maker of poetry, pottery, and photography who loves being creative.
Adventurer who calls many places home across border lines.
Builder of communities who enjoys being active.
Embracing friends, family, and their neurodivergent mind.

Keener for desserts served at every meal with the sweetest tooth you may find.
Yearning for disability justice and liberation for the collective.
Learning how to express gratitude and be kind.
Embodying a life without binaries who is very introspective.