Introducing Our New Executive and Artistic Director

The board of directors of Xenia Concerts Inc. is pleased to announce the appointment of Rory McLeod as the organization’s new Executive and Artistic Director.

Rory comes to Xenia with an impressive background both artistically and corporately as the innovative co-founder of Pocket Concerts, a thoughtfully curated chamber music series that provides intimate, extraordinary listening experiences in homes and other unconventional venues in the Greater Toronto Area. He is also a teacher and performer of the viola and has performed with many musical organizations, including the Caledon Music Festival and at The Four Seasons Centre with the Canadian Opera Company and National Ballet Orchestras.
Rory is passionate about understanding and promoting accessibility and inclusion in the performing arts. In his own words:
“I’ve been consistently inspired by Xenia’s commitment to inclusion and accessibility over the years, and I’m thrilled to be joining the organization as Executive and Artistic Director. Continuing in the spirit of collaboration and co-creation that Xenia espouses, I look forward to cultivating new partnerships across Canada, nurturing and expanding Xenia’s programming, and finding new ways to create high-quality arts events that welcome people across the full spectrum of human diversity.”
Sarah Nematallah is the founding Executive and Artistic Director of Xenia Concerts.  After creating a strong foundation for the organization, she will be stepping down from that role as of August 1st. Sarah will continue to advance the mission of Xenia Concerts as she will be joining its Board of Directors.
Rory will assume his duties beginning July 1st. 
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About Rory McLeod 

Rory McLeod is a bold musical entrepreneur who uses his work as a concert designer, violist, and educator to cultivate authentic human connections. Motivated by a desire to create meaningful and memorable experiences for audiences across the full spectrum of human diversity, Rory looks forward to building new pathways to inclusion and accessibility as Executive and Artistic Director of Xenia Concerts.

Known for being relentlessly innovative, Rory is also the founder and Co-director of Pocket Concerts, a series of intimate concerts that delivers extraordinary listening experiences to audiences in unexpected venues all over the Greater Toronto Area, including homes, offices, banks, hair salons, cafés, and—since March 2020—porches, parks, balconies, and online. Determined to increase the impact of their work, Rory and his partner Emily Rho are writing a book that will help arts entrepreneurs develop self-sustaining business models while staying true to their values.

Rory believes that art is a catalyst for emotional connection, and he brings this attitude to his work as a chamber musician and orchestral player. Playing at festivals such as the SweetWater Festival, The Lunenburg Academy of Music Performance, and Festival of the Sound has helped him build lasting relationships with many inspiring artists and music lovers, and his many hours in the pit with the Canadian Opera Company and National Ballet of Canada orchestras have taught him the value of large-scale cooperation.

Rory holds a B.A. in English Literature from McGill University, a Performance Diploma from The Glenn Gould School, and a Publishing Certificate from Ryerson University.

Rory is inspired by Xenia Concerts’ mission to make high-quality arts events accessible to all people. He looks forward to guiding the vision of the organization, cultivating new and existing partnerships, and expanding Xenia’s reach across Canada.