Jamie Petit

Jamie is a very ambitious artist and has a strong desire to learn and grow in his artistic practice. His most notable works depict silhouette scenes, which have been exhibited internationally in Hong Kong and Seoul. Through a collaboration with the National Music Centre in Calgary, AB, Jamie recently discovered his love for music visualization after creating an artwork honouring the Tragically Hip’s “Ahead by a Century.” 

Jamie primarily enjoys listening to classic and contemporary country music because he finds it easy to listen to, but it depends on the artist. Whether it’s traditional country duets or modern pop country, Jamie loves to follow melodic content and especially loves country instrumentation like steel slide guitar and classic Telecaster twang. Although he is a self-proclaimed “hobbyist” when it comes to playing guitar, Jamie is eager to find more ways of connecting to music. 

Sound.colLAB intrigued Jamie because it promised the opportunity to create a composition of his own. Aside from that, he was also excited to participate in a long-term and in-depth artistic program, which he enjoys very much. This process taught Jamie that all sounds can be interpreted musically, and music can grow out of everything. He also enjoyed having Bekah guide the journey with her digestible demonstrations. On top of everything else, sound.colLAB has reignited Jamie’s desire to make music, whether that be with the NaAC, at home, or (apparently) at work.