Jenna Marie Pinard, voice and Jay Yoo, guitar

Jenna Marie Pinard and Jay Yoo are a jazz duo from Toronto, Canada. Individually and in a variety of ensembles, they have performed at prestigious Canadian venues such as Old Mill Toronto, The Rex Hotel, Upstairs Jazz, House of Jazz, Koerner Hall, Canadian Stage, Meridian Arts Centre, and Banff Centre for the Arts. The two up-and-coming jazz musicians have played alongside a variety of Canadian jazz icons including Steve Wallace, Chase Sanborn, Mike Murley, Alison Young, Tim Higgins, Ernesto Cervini, Brownman Ali, Christine Duncan and many more. The two started playing duo together after having met at the University of Toronto. After their debut duo performance at the Tranzac Club, they decided to record an album that was representative of their current musical identities. 
Jenna Marie and Jay Yoo released their debut duo album “Here Now”, in November 2019. The album consists of inventive arrangements of jazz standards and original music. Inspired by extended technique and improvisation, this duo record was made with the intention of paying homage to the jazz tradition whilst simultaneously creating an emotional, intimate and contemporary sound.
“This exceptional release from this duo is almost sublime in its deliverance yet instantly accessible and beautifully produced. Jenna Marie’s vocals are tender and harmonic with a technique that is unforced and subtle. Jay Yoo’s equally tender and fluid guitar lines blend in perfectly, resulting in a collaboration that sounds like it was meant to be and satisfying to the listener.” -Marty, The Jazz Music Blog