Alex Samaras

Alex Samaras is a singing artist. His output as a performer and recording artist span every genre and style. Alex leads his own band, Tryal, and has released two records since 2017. His vocal group Grex, founded by Alex in 2010 explores the extremes of the human voice and the body/voice connection. Alexsings with the Queer Songbook Orchestra and is a singer and piano player on tour with Beverley Glenn Copeland. The Guardian noted “La Vita is a highlight tonight, sounding like a wayward trance classic, the stunning baritone of Alex Samaras pushing its propulsiveness to higher planes.” 

Alex is an active member in the Toronto theatre and dance community. He has premiered new operas and created roles in new musicals including The Cave by Tomson Highway and John Millard. In summer 2022 he performed Claude Vivier’s Musik für das Ende and Love Songs in Berlin and London. He has worked as a composer and vocal collaborator with choreographers including Susie Burpee, Meredith Thompson and with Ame Henderson and Christopher House at the Toronto Dance Theatre.

Alex loves collaborating with people of all ages. He has taught at the University of Toronto Jazz and Classical Department, Humber College, Jazz Works Music Camp and National Music Camp, where he directed a chorus of 250 students. He is also the founder of the PAL Chorale, a community choir for seniors at the Performing Artists Lodge in Toronto.