Our Mission


The mission of Xenia Concerts Inc. is to offer high quality music and arts performances, presentations, and educational programs, in an environment that welcomes those who might not have access to such events and activities due to physical, mental, or financial barriers.


Re-imagining music and arts events and activities to make them inclusive, relevant, and accessible to all members of society, thereby improving quality of life and promoting the enjoyment of the arts.

Our Values

  • Enrichment – Xenia Concerts Inc. fundamentally believes that music and the arts improve the quality of life of all listeners
  • Inclusion – Xenia Concerts Inc. believes that everyone should have access to live music events and other arts programming/education
  • Quality – Xenia Concerts Inc. believes that an accessible concert or arts event should be of the highest professional quality
  • Inspiration – Xenia Concerts Inc. seeks to inspire audiences by exposing them to new arts experiences
  • Community – Xenia Concerts Inc. seeks to nurture social development and create community through accessible and inclusive arts events