Xenia ASD Youth Advisory Council Final Report

In 2023, Xenia Concerts and ASO (formerly Asperger’s Society of Ontario) teamed up to create the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Youth Advisory Council. The goal of this project was to create a platform for autistic youth aged 14-20 to unite and collaborate, offering their unique perspectives to challenge existing structures, pioneer innovative solutions and influence the design of two autism-friendly concerts. The first of these concerts is happening on July 13th at Meridian Hall, and you’ll find the details on our website soon.

Now that the council meetings have concluded, we’re pleased to present Xenia ASD Youth Advisory Council Final Report! In this report, we summarize how the ASD YAC members drew on their own lived experience and knowledge to provide input on autism-friendly concert design. This project reinforces the importance of placing ASD voices at the centre of decision-making, an important aspect of Xenia’s inclusive approach to concert design.

During the council meeting process, the five YAC members shared insights from their own lived experience to shape the design of the two neuro-inclusive concerts. This report details the process, key questions, objectives, and outcomes, providing valuable information for Xenia and other concert planners aiming to enhance engagement with neurodiverse audiences. Whether you’re thinking of presenting a neuro-inclusive event or designing your own community engagement process for Autistic youth, we believe you’ll find plenty of useful information in the report.

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Thanks to Our Supporters

This project was funded in part by Unity for Autism.