Call for Applications: Accessibility Accelerator

Xenia Concerts, Canada’s neurodiversity- and disability-focused concert series, is accepting applications for its new initiative, the Accessibility Accelerator. The Accessibility Accelerator is a launchpad to a more inclusive and accessible future in the Canadian performing arts.

What is the Accessibility Accelerator?

The Accessibility Accelerator (AccA) will be rooted in intersectionality, accessibility, innovation and reimagining a more dynamic understanding of accessibility in the arts. As one of the leading disability arts organizations in Canada, Xenia Concerts prides itself on being preemptive as opposed to reactive when it comes to disability, neurodiversity, and accessibility. This co-design project acknowledges that while the scope of accessibility constantly changes, so do the practices and applications of accessibility. With the support of our Accessibility Coordinator Kayla Carter, we will build a diverse panel of paid neurodiversity and disability artistic advisors that will work together with Xenia Concerts to develop design solutions that address specific barriers to access in performing arts programming, for audiences and for artists.

Who can apply?

We are seeking four to six (4-6) candidates to serve as artistic advisors, who have:

  • Experience as a neurodivergent, d/Deaf, and/or disabled arts worker, including those with intersectional identities
  • The capacity to work with others, and take into consideration lived experiences outside of your own
  • A strong passion for creating and developing a more dynamic understanding of accessibility within the arts in Canada
  • The capacity to participate in at least 80% of the allotted time commitments of the project (exact meeting dates will be determined after the application process)
  • An eagerness and excitement about the potential for growth and  innovation in accessibility

As a member of the Accessibility Accelerator (AccA), you will play an important role in helping Xenia Concerts improve its accessibility practices and spread knowledge of neurodiversity-friendly practices. Here are some of the things you’ll discuss:

  • How can we make arts events more accessible to neurodivergent, d/Deaf, and disabled folks, while having intersecting racial, class, gender, and sexual identities at the core of how we understand accessibility?
  • What structural and design improvements can be made to improve accessibility in the performing arts?
  • What, who, and where is missing within the current state of accessibility within the performing arts?
  • What frustrates you about accessibility within the arts as a person who is in the arts with an intersectional identity?

How to Apply


Interested candidates should send their CV, a brief cover letter, and/or a video/audio resume that is two to three (2-3) minutes long to Evan Lamberton at Applications in ASL will also be accepted. The names and contact information on your CV and cover letter will be anonymized before being reviewed by the hiring committee. We encourage applications from all qualified individuals; however, only those under consideration will be contacted.

Information Sessions

Want to know more? Kayla is hosting information sessions over Zoom at the following times: 

Thursday, June 29 at 6 PM

Thursday, July 13 at 6 PM

Thursday, July 20 a 6 PM


Position Summary

Type of employment: Part-time contract

Application Deadline: Thursday, July 27, 2023

Start Date: September, 2023

End Date: January, 2025

Time Commitment: 3-4 hours per month

Compensation: $60 per hour

How to apply: Send your CV and cover letter to 

Interviewees will be compensated for their interview time.